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Package Testing Lab

State of the Art Packaging Calls for State of the Art Testing!

State of the art packaging calls for state of the art testing!  At TransPak our ISTA certified laboratory assures testing complies to industry-established standards. Our packaging engineers will help you find the fine balance between over packing (spending unnecessary money) and under packaging (exposing your product to shipping hazards).

Transpak has a number of testing methods to ensure your package gets to its destination with the contents intact.  Some our testing procedures include Drop Testing, Vibration Table, Incline Impact Tester, and Environmental Testing Chamber - we cover all aspects of freight testing.

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Our crates can undergo rigorous testing to ensure the highest performance and integrity -- whether you choose to have it tested by us or an independent 3rd party. Our testing capabilities are fully compliant with ISTA standards.

Compression Testing

TransPak uses advanced testing techniques to evaluate and assess the package integrity and performance under compression forces that typically happen during warehousing, storage and road and sea shipping scenarios.  TransPak's comprehensive tests look at appropriate compression test parameters to ensure a realistic and meaningful assessment to help clients determine the effects of compression on packaging.

  • Maximum load of 10,000 lbs
  • Testing area of 51x59x59”
  • Programable tests including cyclic tests, sacking test, maximum load and deformation under defined load.

Vibration Table

Vibration damage incurred during shipment can often go unnoticed until your customer starts to use the product and it fails. TransPak can test your packaging to ensure the vibrations it will be subject to during transit are within the acceptable limits for your product. We can also ensure that your product's natural vibration frequency is different than the frequency of the packaging; this is very important to avoid severe damage during transport. 

Test packages to medium size crates on our Lansmont Model 10000 Vibration table

    • Able to duplicate the most rigorous handling environments
    • Large table access ensures flexibility to address your particular application. Table size of 60”x60”
    • Customizable test profiles to meet your specific needs as well as ISTA and ASTM standards.
    • Testing capabilities including random vibration, swept sine vibration, resonance search and dwell, repetitive bounce

Incline Impact Tester

TransPak can test for impacts with other items due to hard shifting during transit or while the crate is being moved on forklifts or being truck docked.

Test your product packaging performance with TransPak’s innovative IT 152-4K

  • Unique articulating carriage pivots to all-angles loading
  • Top surface level allows easy access for forklift-delivered loads
  • Simulates real-life distribution handling hazards

Environmental Testing Chamber

TransPak can test your crate in an environmental conditional chamber to ensure that the materials stand up to humidity and temperature changes so the crate properly protects your product all the way to its destination.  
  • Temperature ranges from -30 C to 177 C
  • Relative humidity levels range from 10% to 98%
  • Fully programmable for any variety of user-defined test cycles

All the components of new and newly redesigned packages can be tested for the highest performance and integrity.

Drop Test

During normal distribution, crates can be dropped from various heights on other containers, on warehouse floors, or inside shipping containers, trucks, or trains. 

We can rigorously test your crate to ensure it protects your product if it is dropped during transit. This typically includes flat, corner and edge drops.

Our Lansmont PD80 drop tests against shock hazards

  • Allows for drops ranging from 12” to 72”Tests heavier packages, often handled and dropped in unpredictable ways
  • Controlled drops on corners, edges and faces of your packing
  • Drops packages of up to 177 lbs

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