Package Testing

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All the components of new and newly redesigned packages can be tested for the highest performance and integrity. Our testing capabilities include:

Drop and Impact Testing

During distribution, packages may be dropped on other containers, on concrete, or inside shipping containers, trucks or trains. Or they may shift hard against other packages during transit or while being moved.

We can rigorously test your package—including medical supplies and semiconductors—in-house or by using an independent 3rd party to ensure it fully protects your product during shipping.

Environmental Conditioning Chamber and Accelerated Aging

TransPak can test your package components in an environmental conditional chamber to measure the changes on the materials during these different conditions, to ensure that the materials stand up to humidity and temperature changes or the normal wear and tear of use over time.

Unique Transportation Testing

Whether your package will be transported by train, boat, truck or airplane, each environment has its own unique set of hazards—from vibration to wear and tear. TransPak can test for the unique shipping environments of each method to ensure your package will protect your product no matter what.

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