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TransPak Provides Comprehensive Package Solutions.

Including design, engineering, testing, manufacturing, and fulfillment management of your packaging.

Custom-Designed Packaging

TransPak designs, manufactures and sources custom corrugated containers and protective packaging using a materials-neutral approach. This means we start with your unique specifications and offer a variety of options—including size, color, product fragility levels, load bearing surfaces, proper cushioning curves, eco-friendly, and materials made from 100% recycled post-consumer waste—to ensure that your products are efficiently and properly packaged.

Our custom designs packaging team also can:

  • Handle any hazardous material packing
  • Protect against potential problems of domestic and international shipping
  • Assist with packaging requirements to ensure that your products are properly cushioned and protected from transit during long-distance shipping
  • Produce short-run custom-sized and printed containers to keep your supply chain moving

Our packaging solutions include:

  • Custom packaging to suit your unique packaging specifications and everyday stock-room needs.
  • Vendor managed inventory "VMI" and just-in-time "JIT" delivery options using KanBan technology systems.
  • Design and engineering services to create original, high-quality packaging that fits.
  • Testing capabilities to ensure your package protects its contents in a variety of environments and conditions.
  • Sustainable solutions to help protect our environment and reduce your costs over time by using and reusing recycled and recyclable materials.

The Result? The Ultimate in Package Protection Domestically and Internationally

We are domestic and import specialists, so we know what it takes to protect your products against transit abuse and abrasion, static electricity and atmospheric conditions. We can also take into account moisture vapor transmission (MVTR), oxygen transmission (OTR), extreme temperatures and ultra-violet exposure (UV).

We manufacture 100% post-consumer recycled corrugated boxes, as well as other eco-friendly options.Safeguard your products and equipment while broadcasting your brand with confidence. Contact TransPak with your custom and stock packaging needs and questions. We're here to help.

When Timing Is Everything

With TransPak's vendor managed inventory (VMI) services and just-in-time (JIT) production and delivery, you'll always have the custom and stock packaging supplies you need—without overstocking your warehouse.

Using KanBan, the state-of-the-art scheduling system for just-in-time production and delivery, TransPak can:

  • Maintain an agreed inventory of material—everything from A to Z—for your shipping room.
  • Provide quotes and orders with a remarkably fast response time.
  • Quickly adjust inventory when supply and demand fluctuates.
  • Deliver your packaging and supplies exactly when you need it.

Timing is critical to your fulfillment process and systems. We work with you to identify the ideal quantity of products needed so production runs smoothly and inventory is minimized.

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