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TransPak proud to be featured as a business leader in Hayward, published in this week's SF Business Times.

“We were there then and continue to make sure their equipment was and is expertly packaged to arrive at its destination in perfect condition and on time,” says Bert Inch, TransPak CEO, whose family purchased the business in 1969.

Customers rely on TransPak to be their one-stop shop rather than juggling multiple vendors. TransPak can meet their needs for crating, packaging, logistics, warehousing and distribution. 

With customers ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups, TransPak has had to consistently innovate to package and transport sensitive electronics, semi conductors and medical devices.

“There are enormous challenges in packing anything that is fragile,” says Inch. “We take care that nothing is damaged or broken from too much impact or vibration in the transportation environment, whether that be via trucks, ships or in the air.“  

TransPak proud to be featured as a business leader in Hayward, published in this week's SF Business Times. image

As their customers’ businesses have grown and expanded worldwide, TransPak has added new services, such as global logistics and product packaging design, as well as international locations to support their customer’s expanding supply chains. TransPak now has capabilities across the U.S. and in Europe, Mexico, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore and China. TransPak’s 125,000-square-foot Hayward Global Design Center is both a major logistics and distribution center and where much of the packaging design is done. From Hayward, TransPak literally connects Silicon Valley with the power of the East Bay to move products worldwide. “Hayward is the ideal location for our distribution business,” says Inch. “It’s central to the Bay Area and offers access to all three major airports – Oakland, San Francisco and San Jose – as well as the Port of Oakland.” 

In addition, says Inch, “we’ve had he enthusiastic support of city staff facilitating the permitting process to keep us right on track as we’ve renovated our facility and added solar energy.” 

TransPak is “growing greener every day,” says Inch. “We’re committed to doing our part to improve the sustainability of the supply chain by producing environmentally friendly products, reusable packaging and diverting waste from landfills.” 

Globally, TransPak diverts more than 92 percent of its waste. “We’re proud of that,” says Inch.

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