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TransPak Creates An Out-Of-Box Experience

Reposted from TigerStop's blog.

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“The best things in life are worth waiting for.”

How many times have you been inundated with that statement? Sure it sounds dreamy and irrepressibly optimistic, but sometimes the best things are worth hurriedly prying open with a crow bar. At least that’s what specialty gift company, Man Crates, thinks.

There’s nothing remotely convenient about opening up a Man Crates gift. Its packaging was intentionally designed by a leading expert to house goods in post-apocalyptic-proof packaging worthy of the hands of only the manliest of men. See: Thor. The innards are so difficult to reach that the company offers a crow bar with each crate to assist the lucky recipient in retrieving his carefully curated gift. And Man Crates’ gift selection certainly doesn't lack in machismo- think zombie annihilation kitsbooze-infused jerky grams, and disc-golf sets to name a few. Some packages even require safety goggles and chisels to open.

The company lays it all out in its charmingly braggadocious MANifesto:

“We say 'no' to ugly neckties, cologne samplers and executive trinkets. We don't save wrapping paper, we don't do ribbons...We believe men deserve better gifts. Gifts that stir a primal craze of chest bumps and cheers, not polite half-smiles.”

Man Crates is just one success story from the hands of global Packaging gods, TransPak, who specialize in packaging, crating, logistics, and design for an array of industries from consumer goods and aerospace to solar energy.

TransPak's Custom Packaging for Faraday Bikes

TransPak's Custom Packaging for Faraday Bikes

A Woman Owned Business

TransPak was founded in 1952. The company's matriarch, Arlene Inch, worked at TransPak's first San Jose, CA location in the late 1960's before acquiring the company in 1969. The company gained notoriety supplying Silicon Valley’s emerging technology startups with packaging services, and expanding alongside its customers’ tremendous growth throughout the years.

Today TransPak is a packaging powerhouse with manufacturing facilities all over the world, 1,500 plus team members, and over 1.5 million square feet of manufacturing and facility space. They help customers get practically anything to anywhere, fast.

In order to maintain its competitive title, TransPak is always leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. Their innovative R&D lab includes state of the art machinery for drop and impact testing as well as environmental conditioning. Whether delivered by air, land, or sea, customers can trust that their precious cargo, including medical supplies and semiconductors, will arrive fully unscathed to their final destinations. TransPak is also committed to social and environmental issues. Its mantra of reduce, reuse, recycle, is evidenced in every facet of the business.  

Inside a TransPak Facility

Inside a TransPak Facility
“We are proud of our environmental commitment. Company-wide, our diversion rates are well over 90%. This means the vast majority of the by-product waste we produce is diverted from landfill and instead is reused or recycled,” explains Director of Marketing, Liz Hawkins Tahawi.

The company recently launched One Tree Planted.

“In addition to complying with Sustained Forestry Initiative guidelines with the timber and lumber we purchase, we are committed to taking this a step further by replanting a tree for each tree consumed in our global crate manufacturing. Our first infant forest is taking root in Oregon!” shares Liz.

Accompanying its own green thumb, TransPak helps its customers lead more eco-friendly lives. For example, when a leading semiconductor equipment manufacturer asked TransPak for innovative packaging solutions to reduce its footprint and lower costs, TransPak studied their supply chain and recommended a customized Refurbish, Recycle, and Reuse “RRR” program. Crates were recovered from the customer and its contract manufacturers, consolidated at TransPak for inspection and repair, and delivered as needed. This initiative involving 15,000 crates saved the customer $1,000,000 in just the first two years alone.  

Silicon Valley Heritage

Throughout the years of tremendous growth and changes, one thing in particular has remained constant for TransPak: staying true to its roots.

“Our manufacturing process reflects our Silicon Valley heritage,” explains Bert Inch, TransPak's CEO.
Bert elaborates, “We run a paperless shop floor where all revolutions are managed and designed digitally. Our investment in TigerSaw 1000s has enabled us to integrate their functionality with our proprietary WorkFlow software, so our cut lists are auto-loaded. This not only makes us more vastly more efficient, but also eliminates the human error element.”

Aerial View of a TransPak Manufacturing Facility

Aerial View of a TransPak Manufacturing Facility

The investment in fully automated saw systems for processing wood ensures that TransPak’s packaging and crating materials are cut accurately to the thousandths of an inch with the greatest throughput possible. Using TigerStop’s Cut List Downloading software, TigerLink 6, ensures the shop remains eco-friendly and paper cut list free. 

Additional benefits of the saw systems have manifested themselves the most visibly in TransPak’s trash cans. That’s right- in terms of waste management. Prior to adopting TigerSaw 1000s in its production line, TransPak suffered from greater amounts of scrap. Now facility scrap bins are emptied less frequently.

“We have less wood waste and the waste is more manageable. And with TigerTouch it makes it even better. Sawyers can cut a full crate order and assemblers spend less time at trim saws.”

The TigerTouch touch screen tablet gives operators full control at their fingertips. And when used with TigerStop’s Dynamic Optimization software, it ensures TransPak is getting the greatest yield possible from its raw materials. And less wasted raw materials means instantaneous dollars back onto TransPak’s bottom line. TigerTouch’s unique on-the-fly optimization software tells the operator the best cutting order, saving a tremendous amount of labor time.

TransPak's TigerSaw 1000 Fully Automated Saw System

TransPak's TigerSaw 1000 Fully Automated Saw System

In addition to TigerSaw 1000 fully automated saw systems, TransPak utilizes a number of TigerStop automated stop gauge and positioners for accurately cutting a variety of packaging and crating materials. The add-on automation allows TransPak to turn their existing saws into automated lean manufacturing assets.

“Our Seattle location has three saws with TigerStop infeed systems attached. Two are Grizzly jump saws, one is fully automatic with a 20’ infeed and the second has a 12’ infeed. The third is an Alpine PF90 saw that was integrated with a TigerTurbo pusher system,” says Bert.

Utilizing TigerStop equipment guarantees that TransPak customers are receiving packaging and crating items precisely to specification and accurate within thousandths of an inch.

Attention to every last detail is what has propelled TransPak forward throughout its 60+ years of operation. Whether you need TransPak to build you custom crates, design flashy and engaging packaging, schedule logistics, or broker with customs agents, it is guaranteed that you will be in good hands. Working with TransPak will without a doubt be an out-of-body, or shall we say, an out-of-box experience.

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