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TransPak Awarded Nestle's Best New Carrier

Torance, CA (April 5, 2016) TransPak, a leading provider of logistics solutions, custom crating, packaging, and design, is proud to be named Nestle’s New Carrier of the Year.

TransPak received this award to recognize their customer service and operational excellence. TransPak’s responsiveness, attitude, dependability and problem-solving set them apart. The Los Angeles-based team achieved a flawless service record with one of Nestle's core customers.

“In TransPak’s first year, they delivered an almost perfect score.” said Thomas Garcia of Nestle. “We strive to partner with minority and woman-owned businesses like TransPak. When we bring on new carriers we always hope they will become long-term partners. Transpak has set the bar high.” said Garcia. “And, Transpak delivered this at their first time at bat. We look forward to a strong partnership and continued success together.”

Nestle monitors all of its suppliers—literally thousands of deliveries daily—with a monthly scorecard. They rate pick-up, delivery, damages, and safety. TransPak achieved 99% across all categories for 2015.

“We feel like the kid who brought home a straight A report card.” said Arlene Inch of TransPak. “There are a lot of behind the scenes technology and human solutions that make our systems run, but like our motto says, We Make It Happen! I’m proud of our Los Angeles Logistics Team.”

TransPak’s team will be formally be recognized at Nestle’s Preferred Suppliers Conference held annually in Georgia.

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Founded in 1952, TransPak is a worldwide leader of logistics solutions, custom crating and packaging. A key partner to leading technology companies in the semiconductor, aerospace, medical equipment, security, and solar industries, TransPak offers its customers a comprehensive range of supply chain services. Headquartered in California's Silicon Valley, the company has 20 satellite offices around the globe.

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