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Transpak Achieves Iso9001 Certification

TransPak, the worldwide market leader in crating, packaging and logistics specializing in delivering quality, state-of-the-art, door to door solutions is now ISO9001: 2008 certified.

“Working with NSAI, TransPak achieved the ISO9001: 2088 certification. This certification makes our San Jose Crating division one of the very few facilities providing crating production in an ISO9001 quality, process-centered environment,” explained Bert Inch, CEO of TransPak. “By meeting ISO9001 requirements, TransPak can ensure customer satisfaction with delivery of products that consistently meet requirements. This certification proves TransPak’s commitment to continual process improvement and operational efficiency.”

Leading the industry in designing and building crates for over 55 years, TransPak provides the quality and customer-focus required by top-notch technology companies. Bob Lally, President of TransPak affirms, “This ISO9001 certification engenders mutually beneficial supplier relationships because by meeting ISO 9001 Quality Management Standards (QMS), TransPak has pinpointed the fabrication processes that maximize quality and efficiency.” He further explains, “TransPak insists on processes and guidelines which ensure consistent quality in crate fabrication.” Specializing in producing every type of crate including wood, steel and plastic, TransPak utilizes proprietary CrateMaker software to consistently design and produce unique crating solutions. 

Founded in 1952, the company is headquartered in California’s Silicon Valley and today provides custom crating, packaging, and logistics support to top companies in the semiconductor, aerospace, medical equipment, security, and solar industries.

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