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Next Flight Out Services

San Jose, CA (June 20, 2018) TransPak, a leading provider of packaging, crating, logistics, and design since 1952, delivers peace of mind by protecting our customers' assets on their global journey. One way TransPak does this is through our Next Flight Out services.

How does Next Flight Out work? Let's say, for example, you have Homeland Security equipment for screening luggage against terrorist threats. And it is down. You need replacement parts immediately. TransPak helps you by working out the details of your shipment. Our team will get that part there for you on the next possible flight. In many cases, this is the same day. We are custom experts and know how to navigate multiple overseas destination points. We provide White Glove and Last Mile services. We dedicate a team to ensure your device is delivered safely, quickly, and remain involved until the job is complete.

Whether it is Next Flight Out, complex supply chain strategy and implementation, or crating and packaging expertise, we have decades of experience, almost 2,000 team members and hundreds of trusted partners on every continent to solve your challenge. For more information: visit |

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