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4402 B St NW, Auburn, WA, 98001, USA (Map) • (800) 922-9133

TransPak's Seattle location was born when we acquired Rainier Pallet and Crating in 2014.

Our Seattle location specializes in manufacturing and refurbishing pallets and building new custom crates.

Custom Crate Design and Manufacturing

Seattle crating, crate design & manufacturing

Boxes and crates can be built in standard styles or customized to your specific size, shape, load capacity and function - to accommodate your product and specialized delivery needs. No box or crate is too big or too small.

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Pallet Design & Manufacturing

Pallet design and manufacturing in Seattle

Every new pallet is customized to your product specifications - minimizing product damage and providing durability for repeated use. We can also supply you with durable, easy to clean plastic pallets.

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Rigging and Hoisting

Seattle rigging and hoisting

Hands-on rigging and equipment moving, precision machinery moving and hoisting, complete factory relocation, machinery installation, forklift and crane service, & more.

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On-site crating and packaging

TransPak's Seattle location has experienced experts that do the crating and packaging work for you - at your location. We can package anything with safety and reliability.

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Heat Treat Certification

Seattle heat treated wood

TransPak's Seattle location is IPPC ISPM-15 certified to heat treat wood products. Treat new or existing pallets, crates and other wood products.

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Containers & flat racks

Houston containers and flat racks

TransPak's Seattle location specializes in preparing flat racks - desigining and building shipping containers, and the loading and securing cargo for effective weight distribution.

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