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Data Centers & Servers

With Discretion and Security, Your Mission Critical Products Are Protected

TransPak is a pioneer in providing complete solutions for the data center and server industry, from engineered packaging and crating design and manufacture to mission-critical transportation.

When it comes to moving servers or whole data centers, discretion, product and personnel safety are paramount. It's not just the data on the servers, but also the tall, narrow server size is awkward and may easily tip during transport.

Why the Data Center and Server Industry Chooses TransPak

  • No names, no locations, no photos: all aspects of your business are held completely confidential.
  • Safely swap expensive equipment on a regular and reliable schedule.
  • Rely on our full-time resources to manage the end-to-end logistics on a regular basis -- even if you don't own the servers -- all in one resource.
  • Select white glove service: from packing at the data center to loading at the shipping dock to unloading and unpacking, we'll take care of all the details, including removing all the packaging materials. Nothing is left behind.

Whether you own and manage a data center for your company or lease server space in a data center, we can make the packaging, crating and logistics a snap -- while ensuring we adhere to all policies, rules and regulations. Need to move your data center or servers? We're here for you, every step of the way.

TransPak understands the highly sensitive nature of this environment and will work with you to ensure that your owned or leased servers are safely packed, shipped and received with high levels of security.

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