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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Save with TransPak

With TransPak's reusable programs, the lifecycle of your crate is completely designed and managed end to end with our Reduce/Reuse/Recycle (RRR) methodology.

  • Need the package returned, repaired, and/or refurbished?
  • Need to source reusable or recyclable materials?
  • Need a custom designed crate and system to get the crate safely returned and repacked?
  • Need to ensure the crating materials are recycled at end of life?

Whether you have a closed loop -- where the crate is shipped back to you -- or the crate is reused in a different way, TransPak can manage all the logistics and reverse logistics of your RRR initiatives.

Reusable Can Be Cost-Effective

For some situations, choosing a reusable crate makes financial -- as well as environmental -- sense. For example, imagine purchasing a crate that costs $500, is used once and recycled. A reusable crate for that same product may cost a little more, but can be reused multiple times, so your per-cycle cost may be 50-75% less than a single-time-use crate.

In other situations, it may be more economical and sustainable to recycle rather than reuse. We can help you figure out the numbers.

Custom-Made to Your Specifications

Whether you need reusable packing materials or reusable crates or transit cases for large, expensive or fragile products, TransPak will work with you to determine the most cost-effective materials and system for your needs.

Client-Specific Reusable Systems

Reusable crates come in many forms -- a whole crate may need to be returned intact or a dozen crates might be broken down and shipped back as components to save on shipping costs. Other times, it makes sense to reuse only part of the crate, and recycle the rest. No matter what your situation, TransPak can create a custom reusable system to make it happen cost effectively.

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Minimize your carbon footprint. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle with TransPak.

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