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TransPak is a global leader in crating services, providing end-to-end solutions for crates and custom designed crates.

When you need a custom crate made, you often need it yesterday. TransPak has led the industry in designing and building crates for more than 60 years. We can turn a process that typically takes a week and turn it around in a day, TransPak has the crating technologies and solutions to meet your needs.

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End-To-End Crating Solutions:
Custom Crate and Manufacturing:

We’ve made designing, manufacturing, and transporting custom crates easy. You’ll work with an experienced crating engineer to create the best crate for your product. Rather than starting with a specific material, we consider your crating specifications first. Then, we’ll select the best materials to solve your crating needs. Lastly, all of our crating meets domestic and international government code requirements, so your products or equipment will move swiftly and safely through the transportation process.

Your crating requirements come first. With 17 crating locations worldwide and growing, TransPak designs and produces crates tailored specifically to your needs often in a single day.

Expanding to new territory? No problem. We can make that happen. We can build a crating factory near your factory to keep production at full steam. In fact, we've done this for several clients.

Did production spike or designs change? Need to be closer to your customers? In your industry, demands for products and parts are shifting all the time. Staying on top of final packing is critical to your business's bottom line and customer expectations.


Piece by piece, break bulk shipments are often the most difficult problems we routinely solve for our clients. TransPak has years of experience successfully project-managing break bulk for all types of industries across the globe.


Create a reusable, attractive, custom-made carrying transit cases for extra protection of your precision equipment—while showcasing your brand and decreasing costs over time. TransPak can create the right long-term packaging to protect your sensitive products while in transit or storage.


Have large, awkward or heavy equipment to move? No matter what it is, we can move anything from anywhere with ease.


Need a customized crate quickly? Our proprietary CrateMaker software provides custom crating with a lightning-fast turnaround time, all while maintaining the highest quality standards. Our global database of designs, Bills-of-Materials, and parts ensure that your crates can be replicated in any of our locations to your exact specifications.


Ensure your product will stand up to the expected environmental pressures—as well as the unexpected—without a scratch by testing your new and newly redesigned crates. Our testing lab puts your packaging through its paces, including drop testing, vibrations, incline impact, and environmental conditions.


Is sustainability one of your core leadership goals? Minimizing the impact on the environment while meeting our customers’ crating needs is a TransPak priority. Not only do we focus on developing crates that can be recycled at the end of their useful product life, we also refurbish crates so that you can reuse them multiple times. Our reusable system saves time making crates, reduces long-term costs, and minimizes waste.

Great prices. Superior technology. Fast turn-around.

No other company has more experience in crating, packaging and shipping large, expensive, or fragile equipment than TransPak.

  • Custom crate design
  • Crate testing
  • Custom manufacturing
  • Reusable crates
  • Transit cases
  • Rigging and hoisting
  • Breakbulk services

Global Reach

Our crating technology is global, so you receive the same exceptional service wherever you are located. Our crating engineers are unmatched in their knowledge and experience. It begins with our proprietary software to create the perfect solution to protect your precious cargo. It continues through rigorous testing, using state-of-the-art solutions such as cushion air riding and temperature/humidity monitoring, to ensure your precious cargo remains safe throughout the shipping process.

We now have more than 30 facilities across North America, Asia and Europe and continue to grow into new areas as our clients grow. Because we have global experts and facilities, we can meet you at your location to understand your needs, pack crates at your location and be closer to your end consumer. This means a more efficient and streamlined process for everyone.


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