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Need quality crating across all stages of the process? TransPak is your one-stop partner with expertise across the board: crate design, crate testing, and custom crate manufacturing. We also help you with reusable crates and transit cases, as well as on-site crating, rigging and hoisting and break bulk services.

Since your crating requirements come first, you can save money and get custom crates designed to fit your specific needs.

We have custom crates down to a science: watch how we do it

With 17 crating locations world-wide and growing, TransPak designs and produces crates to fit your needs—often in a single day. Expanding to new territory? We can build a crating factory near your factory to keep production at full steam. In fact, we've done this for several clients.

Did production spike or designs change? Need to be closer to your customers? In your industry, demands for products and parts are shifting all the time. Staying on top of final packing is critical to your business's bottom line and customer expectations.

End-to-End Crating Solutions

CrateMaker Software:

Our proprietary CrateMaker software provides custom crating with a lightening fast turnaround time, all while maintaining the highest quality standards. One global database of designs, Bills-of-Materials and parts ensures crates can be built in any of our factories exactly to the same specification.

Custom Crate Design and Manufacturing:

At TransPak, you'll work with an experienced crating engineer to design and manufacture the best crate for your product. Rather than starting with a specific material, we consider your crating specifications needs first, then select the materials that work for you.

All of our crating meets domestic and international government code requirements, so your products or equipment will move swiftly and safely through the transportation process.

Transit Cases:

Create a reusable, attractive, custom-made carrying case for extra protection of your precision equipment, while showcasing your brand and decreasing costs over time.

Rigging and Hoisting:

We'll move your large, awkward or heavy equipment with ease, from here to anywhere. No matter what it is.

Break Bulk / Project Management:

Piece by piece, break bulk shipments might be the most difficult to handle; TransPak has years of experience successfully project-managing break bulk.

Crate Testing:

Ensure your product will stand up to the expected environmental pressures—as well as the unexpected—without a scratch by testing your new and newly redesigned crates.

Reusable (RRR) Program:

Not only do we focus on developing crates that can be recycled at the end of their useful product life, but we also refurbish crates so that you can reuse them multiple times, which saves time making crates, reduces long-term costs and minimizes waste.

When you need a custom crate made, you often need it yesterday. TransPak has led the industry in designing and building crates for more than 60 years and can turn a process that can take up to week into one we can perform in a day. Contact us to learn more.

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