Crating | CrateMaker Software

Custom Crating Design & Production

    The TransPak fabrication team has led the industry in designing and building crates for over 55 years. With our proprietary CrateMaker Software, TransPak designs and produces unique crating solutions - often just in a single day. TransPak specializes in producing every type of crate including wood, steel and plastic. We build our designs to your strictest specifications using top quality materials to ensure a superior crate that safeguards your shipments.


Proprietary CrateMaker Software

    Only TransPak offers the speed and flexibility of CrateMaker, our proprietary design software. Working alongside AutoCAD, CrateMaker takes your equipment specifications and develops the most efficient and cost-effective crating solution possible.


    TransPak tightly controls crate production to ensure quality. Willing to pack at our location or yours, TransPak builds each crate from only the best raw materials and ensures all specifications are met exactly.


Quick Turn Around Minimizes Cycle Times

    Our design and production specialists turn a process that can take up to week into one we can perform in a day. Once constructed, all of our crating meets domestic and international government code requirements, so your products or equipment will move swiftly and safely through the transportation process. And, with a multitude of strategic locations, TransPak's dedicated, experienced team can quickly produce crates where you need them, when you need them.